• NEXDIESEL is Renewable Diesel, a hydrocarbon that is chemically indistinguishable to traditional petroleum diesel, but based on its superior quality, it easily outperforms both conventional petroleum diesel and biodiesel.
  • NEXDIESEL is 100% renewable and sustainable. It allows any diesel powered vehicle to operate petroleum-free without operational issues.
  • NEXDIESEL has a high cetane number (70-90) and combusts more efficiently reducing emissions.
  • NEXDIESEL can be used in all modern diesel engines without any modifications and can be blended with petroleum diesel in various concentrations.
  • NEXDIESEL meets the petroleum diesel standard ASTM D975.
  • NEXDIESEL’S carbon intensity/life cycle analysis is approximately 60-90% less than petroleum diesel.
  • NEXDIESEL’s use has been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10-90% when compared to petroleum diesel.
  • NEXDIESEL is fully compatible with existing logistical systems and requires no additional investments in this area.
  • NEXDIESEL can be used year-round even in very cold climates. It won’t gel in extremely cold temperatures.
  • NEXDIESEL’s storage qualities are excellent.

0-100% Content Blending Ratio. Can be blended with petroleum diesel, biodiesel (FAME), or used directly in any diesel engine.Maximum 5-20% blend with traditional biodiesel. Using larger percentages may result in engine problems.
Meets strictest quality standards set by engine manufacturers and ASTM D975.Does not meet ASTM D975 standard.
Significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions (PM, NOx, CO, HC).Increases NOx emissions when compared to petroleum diesel.
Excellent storability.Issues with long-term storage.
No required engine modifications or fuel logistical system changes.Blending restrictions aimed at preventing engine problems limits the benefits.



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NEXDIESEL is NEXGEN Fuel’s branded Renewable Diesel. Click here for more information.
NEXDIESEL Renewable Diesel is currently manufactured by Neste.
NEXDIESEL can be made from any triglyceride which includes animal fats, waste cooking oils and vegetable oils.
NEXDIESEL and fossil diesel are chemically identical so you can switch between the two without any engine issues. No engine modifications are required for using NEXDIESEL Renewable Diesel.
NEXDIESEL has a very high cetane rating which means that it combusts more completely in the engine. This leads to reduced tailpipe emissions, more power and better fuel mileage. NEXDIESEL Renewable Diesel has excellent cold weather properties which allow it to be used in severe cold climates without gelling.
No. NEXDIESEL Renewable Diesel is one of the highest quality diesel fuels in the world with superior properties compared to fossil diesel and biodiesel.
No, although NEXDIESEL Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel are made from the same feedstocks, the more advanced manufacturing process used to create NEXDIESEL results in one of the highest quality diesels in the world. NEXDIESEL is chemically identical to petroleum diesel yet is biomass derived.
Yes. NEXDIESEL has significantly reduced tailpipe emissions 10 – 90% and the lifecycle carbon dioxide reduction is 60 – 90% less than petroleum depending on feedstock used.
To date, over 3 Billion gallons of Renewable Diesel have been sold worldwide, primarily in a blend with petroleum diesel. NEXGEN Fuel’s distributor, Golden Gate Petroleum (GGP) dramatically shifted the alternative fuels marketplace by becoming the first fuel company in the world to sell Renewable Diesel (RD99) directly to the end user. As of mid-2017, GGP has sold over 120 million gallons to date and is rapidly growing.
NEXDIESEL Renewable Diesel is clear.

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