[ut_quote_alt author=”Tim Taylor, Division Manager, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District”] Because [NEXDIESEL] renewable diesel is a “drop-in” fuel that can be used in any diesel engine to achieve significant emission reductions, we are anxious to see more widespread adoption in the Sacramento Region. [/ut_quote_alt]
[ut_quote_alt author=”Rick Kirkby, Principal, Acme Bread Company”] Due to modern emissions systems in our newer trucks, (ironically) it became difficult to use blends greater than B20, which was very frustrating. I was elated when Golden Gate Petroleum first offered us access to NEXDIESEL Renewable Diesel in 2013, allowing us to resume using a fuel derived 100% from renewable resources.[/ut_quote_alt]
[ut_quote_alt author=”Herb Burton, VP of Operations and Sustainability, Central Concrete”] [NEXDIESEL] Renewable Diesel helps Central Concrete continue towards meeting its sustainability goals without impacting vehicle warranty.[/ut_quote_alt]

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