ACT Expo Webinar – The Potential of Renewable Diesel for Your Fleet

ACT Expo Webinar:
The Potential of Renewable Diesel for Your Fleet

Pat O’Keefe, President and CEO of NeXgen Fuel clears the air and gives the facts about Renewable Diesel and Evan Speers, Chief, Office of Fleet Asset Management, Department of General Services, State of California shares insights on how effectively Renewable Diesel has turned the State’s fleets GREEN.

Learn about the vehicle omission benefits of renewable diesel and how it differs from biodiesel.

As a 100% drop-in fuel, renewable diesel offers GHG and criteria pollutant emissions reduction without any infrastructure or vehicle modification required. Leading agencies are already seeing its potential and use in the medium- and heavy-duty transportation space as a way to displace fossil diesel.

This webinar covers:

  • Core differences between renewable diesel and biodiesel
  • Fuel availability, cost and procurement considerations
  • Environmental benefits and limitations
  • Vehicle performance and maintenance impacts
  • Case studies from fleets already using it

Learn from leading renewable diesel experts so you can understand whether it makes sense for your fleet.

Green Fleet Contra Costa County Moves to Renewable Diesel

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Contra Costa County, Calif. has switched from biodiesel to R99 renewable diesel to fuel many of its heavy-duty diesel vehicles, including more than 220 diesel-powered municipal public works trucks, specialty vehicles, and equipment. In making the switch, the county expects to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 65% and an estimated 5,000 tons annually. Other benefits include a reduction of NOX and a 33% reduction of particulate matter PM 2.5, according to the county.

The county will purchase renewable diesel from Golden Gate Petroleum, which also provides renewable diesel for the San Francisco region.

“Switching over to renewable diesel delivers direct reductions in GHG and lowers our carbon footprint on our planet,” said Stan Burton, Contra Costa County’s material, and recycling manager.

Contra Costa County has recently tripled its purchase of electric vehicles, doubled its electric vehicle charging stations, and continues to purchase compressed natural gas vehicles, said Fleet Manager Carlos Velasquez.

Other California fleets that have moved to renewable diesel include the City of Long Beach, Sacramento County, Alameda and San Joaquin Counties, City of Carlsbad, and City of San Francisco. Oregon fleets using renewable diesel include the Eugene Water & Electric Board and the City of Corvallis.

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